Hip-Hop Misogyny Stats

All of the data in the Hip-Hop Misogyny Stats database is availalbe in JSON format via a REST API for the purposes of research, data visualization or anything else you can come up with. Here's everyhing you'll need to know in order to get started:

  • There are two API endpoints you can hit: /api/rappers returns all of the rappers in the database, while api/rappers/[id] (where "[id]" is the rapper's id: key) returns an individual rapper. Arguments can be passed as GET methods only. Both endpoints will return a JSON object for each artist that looks like this:

  • {
    id: 2,
    name: "Lil B",
    overall_score: 290,
    pussy_count: 13,
    bitch_count: 239,
    ho_count: 38,
    song_count: 20,
    created_at: "2015-05-06T20:33:36.432Z",
    updated_at: "2015-05-06T20:33:36.432Z"

  • If, for example, you want to find an individual rapper, you can loop through the data in /api/rappers, search for the rapper whose name matches the artist you're looking for, access that aritst's id and then perform a search using api/rappers/[id], which will return only the artist you're looking for.
  • For some artists, fewer than 20 songs were available for analysis. In the stats view, I've chosen not to display artists for whom less than 20 songs were available, in order to provide a proper baseline for the stats. You will likely want to do the same, if you're comparing arists' stats side-by-side. You can use the song_count: key to filter by the total number of songs analyzed.
  • The data contained in this API is made available for use under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Essentially, this means that you can use the data however you please, provided that you identify Hip-Hop Misogyny Stats as the source for the data.
  • This API is offered "as is" without warranty or support of any kind. That said, if you identify a problem with the API or data, feel free to open an issue on GitHub and I'll look into it.
  • Did you build something cool using the Hip-Hop Misogyny Stats data? Please let me know--I'd love to see it!

Created by Mehan, no rights reserved.